What is Conversion Optimization?

What is coversion optimization

Let’s talk about Conversion Optimization, basically, we also call it Conversion Optimization. It is a marketing optimization process that follows a framework to increase the percentage of visitors to the website goal, Conversion optimization is focused on convincing more of your website visitors to take the desired action you want them to take on the webpage, or website. It analyzes the behavior of visitors and target what motivates a particular market section to engage in a certain way with a type of target marketing strategy. 

The exact Conversion Optimization methodology to boost and optimize your website’s overall traffic conversion rate. Conversion Optimization is a process with the help of multiple planned techniques and these techniques are implemented in accordance with a set methodology. 

The conversion Optimization Process involves the:

Conversion Optimization Process
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1. Web Usability:-  It is a way to answer the needs of your target audience by developing a site that has compatible internal navigation, good value content, easy to follow actions. 

  • Web usability analysis 
  • Web usability solutions 
  • Multivariate testing 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Product Optimization  
  • Creating a conversion optimization roadmap 
  •  Quantitative research 
  • Heuristic evaluation 
  • Creating a new design based on the testing hypothesis

2. Understanding your business dynamics:- In this process, a business analyst will be appointed for your project. The business analyst will study and understand your project and would make an attempt to identify the loopholes persisting in its existence, promotion, and processing. 

  • Website’s and brand’s current status in the market 
  • Targeted statistics 
  • Sales funnels  
  • Industry knowledge 
  • Solutions and services 
  • Audience need 
  • Products and pricing

3. Building up & Strengthening your credibility:- The credibility of a business is the most critical element for its real persisting success. We help you overcome the challenge of bringing home the optimum level of credibility and trust for your business through your online interactions with customers, potential customers, and your business associate. 

  • Purchase a product  
  • Sign up for a newsletter 
  • Subscribe to a software 
  • Hire a service 
  • Answer a survey 
  • Give a feedback 
  • Improve the overall look and feel of the website. 

Conversion Optimization Objectives: 

  • Increase in sales, revenue, and profits 
  • The rise in lead generation 
  • Lowering customer acquisition costs 

Convert rate optimization is offered with the idea of boosting the count of website leads and sales without making any huge investments in attracting more visitors. Now, let’s talk about it with an example. You will see with the help process of e-commerce Conversion Optimization tips how actually an e-commerce website, webpage, or company increases its visitors. Clickites has placed its name in the top e-commerce conversion optimization agency.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks and you can use it as the best conversion optimization tool. It boasts 293 million daily active users on average.  That’s a ton of people sharing and engaging with content on a daily basis. On top of a huge user base, the engagement level is off the charts. People open the app 30 times a day on average. 

If there is we can learn about finding success on Snapchat, we can learn it from experience. Multiple brands using Snapchat find massive conversion rates and increase in sales on-site and on their mobile apps. 

Why should you care about poll ads? 

Why poll ads
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Well, it can increase your engagement and views. On INSTAGRAM, polling stickers in story ADS increase the number of three-second video views in 9 out of 10. The insights you gain from your audience can also strengthen your ads, help you stand out from the competition, and potentially increase your sales. 

Snapchat’s website Conversion’s objective 

Snapchats website conversions objectives
What is Conversion Optimization? 9

This is all about driving specific actions of value on your website. 

When would you use the website conversions objective in Snapchat? 

This website only is about you defining what’s important. You would use this objective to target red-hot audiences, those that are demonstrating clear interest and intent. You will be aiming to drive actions such as purchases, sign-ups, or adding to the cart. You will need a Snapchat pixel for this objective. 

What optimization is available for website conversion campaigns on Snapchat? 

Optimize your website conversion campaigns in snapchat
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  • The story opens (optimizes towards who is most likely to tap and open your Story Ad in the discover feed) 
  • Swipe up ( optimizes towards who is most likely to swipe up on your ad) 
  • Pixels Purchase ( most likely to complete a purchase on your website) 
  • Pixel Sign Up ( most likely to complete a sign-up on your website) 
  • Pixel Add to cart ( most likely to add an item to their cart on your websites) 
  • Page view ( most likely to browse pages on your website via Snap Pixel) 

To access these optimization options, you need to have achieved enough ‘pixel events’. Where the pixel has been able to track enough of these events on your sites to optimize towards them.

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