5 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies

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What is Inbound Marketing

It is a marketing strategies where companies use good content to draw in new clients rather than relying on intrusive ads or cold emailing. Businesses provide a range that responds to queries that their target audience is currently asking, then turn website visits into leads by using free tools and forms. It helps you draw in consumers by producing content that will draw in qualified prospects, turn them into leads and customers, and help you expand your business. The quality of leads is typically high because the entire methodology is built on attracting people who are actively searching for the solutions you’re offering.

The complete opposite of outbound marketing, which frequently uses intrusive strategies to grab attention, is inbound marketing. For instance, television commercials, billboards, banner ads, and more are all intended to cause you to pause what you are doing in order to focus on the advertisement. A far more tactful strategy is used in inbound marketing.

Both forms of marketing are beneficial, but inbound marketing is more effective at creating long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

Types of Inbound marketing strategies
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What are 3 types of Inbound Marketing

The three types of Inbound Marketing are:

1. Old-fashioned inbound marketing strategies (Learn More/Buy Later)

The above-mentioned method may work flawlessly for businesses in terms of goals, product/service offerings, and target market. Species-specific businesses make use of inbound marketing. The emphasis here has now been shifted from “purchase now” to “learn more.”

2. Object-Oriented Inbound marketing strategies (Buy Now)

One excellent instance of product-driven inbound is Amazon. It provides a lot of product photographs, videos, reviews, and thorough explanations on its product pages rather than having comprehensive blogs that produce loads of high-quality, problem-solving content. They clearly prioritize making a purchase right away over learning more. Product-driven inbound campaigns leverage the lead nurturing remarketing principles. Instead of encouraging leads to make their first purchase, this is an effort to encourage existing customers to make more purchases. Remarketing tactics begin after the sale rather than prior to it.

3. Inbound Hybrid marketing strategies (Learn More or Buy Now)

An equal mixture of learn more and buy now is used in this kind of inbound marketing strategy (traditional inbound and product-driven inbound). Although it’s challenging to discover a company that combines both equally, some do.

A large portion of the business industry now recognizes the value of inbound marketing. Today’s eCommerce employs aspects of inbound marketing. However, the buy-now mentality continues to be dominant. This way of thinking is strong and sensible. However, the learn-more philosophy is still useful and should be included.

Things you should do before starting Inbound marketing

1. Set Goals

This one should go without saying, but you must be clear about the goals you have set for your campaign. What you want to achieve plus how long the campaign will last is a common formula to use. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you must always make sure your goals are smart.

2. Define the brand consistently

Brand consistency is the art of consistently communicating in tune with your core brand values, presenting your logo in a similar way, and using the same color palette across all of your visual brand elements.

3. Develop Audience persona

A fictional portrayal of a member of your target audience is called an audience persona. You can more easily develop material with a particular person in mind by using some real-life traits. To represent the various types of people in your target audience, you can create multiple audience personas.

4. Optimise content with SEO

Your search engine exposure will improve thanks to SEO content optimization, which will encourage people to visit your website and buy your goods and services. You can significantly improve the financial performance of your company by improving your SEO content. At Clickites, we provide the best in class service of content optimization, so that your website never misses the chance to be on top! Connect with us to know more.

5. Analyse competitors

Due to the intense market competition, a competitor analysis has become a crucial task for almost all firms. Businesses can learn more about their current and potential rivals in the market by using competitive analysis. With the aid of competitive analysis, one may also pinpoint several elements that control competition in the sector.

6. Track Results

Mentioning the necessity of analyzing your Inbound Marketing strategies for b2b results may initially seem, well, somewhat redundant. It’s crucial to analyze marketing performance, of course. However, unlike some other investments, there are numerous areas of inbound marketing that can and ought to be examined because each one offers useful information that can be used to enhance present and future initiatives.

5 best inbound marketing strategies

Growing a business is just like growing a tree. It won’t happen overnight, it takes its own sweet time. But you can for sure speed up the growth to some extent. And inbound marketing is one such medium to assist you. Here are the 5 best inbound marketing strategies for b2b:

1. Create a natural social media presence.

Because social media may have a significant impact on how businesses communicate with customers, traditional marketers try to increase brand awareness on these platforms. Even small business owners without a formal advertising budget might benefit from using social media. Make sure your business’s social media page offers captivating, has pertinent content, such as films and picture montages; Join forces with other websites to promote one another; Participate in online debates through comment threads; Respond to other users’ private message queries.

2. Make excellent content

Customers can learn more about your company by engaging with meaningful material (such as a blog post, podcast, or online video) that connects their interests with the goods and services you offer. For instance, a lot of content marketing experts run blogs about topics important to their business and interesting to their audience. Web searches are used to find these blog articles, particularly if they aim to address a concern a potential consumer may have. Users should ideally read one or more blog entries before sticking around to check out all the business has to offer.

3. Soliciting affiliate links and backlinks

A backlink is a URL that points to your website from another website. Websites with links to or from other websites are valued by search engines like Google. Linking up can be challenging. You frequently need to formally request links to your page from other website hosts or reputable influencers.

4. Network and promote one another

Sometimes networking in an old-fashioned manner is the greatest strategy for spreading the news. Think about exchanging promotions with companies in your industry.  You may solicit guest posts for your website’s blog or invite some of your colleagues to make a guest appearance on your podcast. You can reciprocate by doing the same for them.

5. Infographics

Graphics, data visualizations like pie charts and bar graphs, and little text make up an infographic’s visual portrayal of a subject. Infographics use captivating images to quickly communicate information. One technique utilized in inbound marketing is this. Sometimes all your prospect needs is a brief bit of useful information that is presented in an appealing way.

Some Best Inbound marketing examples

1. Blog

The more educational your blog is, and the more frequently you add new content, the more likely it is that prospects will remember your company as they approach the bottom of the marketing funnel.

2. Infographics

People occasionally merely want to rapidly scan meaningful information that has been presented in a suitable style. So there’s a good likelihood that sharing information in the form of infographics will cause a lot of buzz.

3. E-Book

It’s an additional chance to build your reputation as a reliable source of insightful, practical knowledge. It usually comes without cost in exchange for contact information.

4. Video Series

More businesses and brands are starting to incorporate videos into their inbound marketing strategies, but astute companies develop a series of videos that are a component of an entire course or experience, making each video evergreen.


Always keep your customer in mind when incorporating any inbound marketing strategy for b2b into your marketing strategy. Adding value to them comes before selling. You’ll be seen as a reliable source and a great company if you can forge a bond between the brand and the customer.

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