5 UI Design mistakes that are killing your web traffic

5 UI Design mistakes

UI Design mistakes are able to destroy your campaign so read carefully this blog, we can help you with this.

UI(User Interface), a crucial component of UX(User Experience), is one of the main elements that affect conversion rates. On the other hand, a successful customer journey leads to conversion. The reduction of effort is essential for a successful journey. Customers of today don’t have the time or patience to wait in line to acquire what they want.

Customers can be seriously turned off by several UI design errors, but they happen surprisingly frequently. On the other hand, good UI design can improve interactions and encourage conversation.

In our opinion, a user interface for an app or website must meet at least the following requirements in order to draw in, convert, and keep visitors:

  1. It must be fascinating and engaging.
  2. It must elicit an emotional response.

The three factors that have the most devastating effects on web-based conversion rates are unattractive UI design, sluggish loading times, and challenging navigation.

5 UI Design mistakes that should be avoided

Non Responsive UI Design Mistakes
5 UI Design mistakes that are killing your web traffic 7

1. Non-responsive Design

it’s one of the common Ui Design mistakes, having a responsive web design is an important feature for websites to be user-friendly. It’s no secret that people frequently employ a variety of devices to carry out a task. Thatโ€™s why responsive web design is required in order to keep visitors interested regardless of how they access it. Potential clients will most certainly become discouraged if they have a bad user experience on a site that hasn’t been optimized for mobile or tablet users. Customers quit your website when they are unable to use the best features on their mobile devices. Responsive web design makes your website flexible across all of your usersโ€™ screen resolutions and devices.

Digital organizations are compelled to employ responsive web design for a variety of reasons, not just the exponentially rising number of unique mobile users. Google unveiled an algorithm in February 2015 that gives mobile-friendly websites a higher ranking. Previously optional, responsiveness is now essential. 

Both an expansion in mobile usage and Google’s suggestions point to a significant change in user behavior. Internet users of today are already used to browsing social media, doing their banking, and shopping without ever opening a laptop. 

You cannot deliver the greatest UX possible if you are not providing responsive web design. Instead of lowering, it increases the effort, making your customers reconsider their purchase and look elsewhere.

CLuttered Layout UI Design mistake
5 UI Design mistakes that are killing your web traffic 8

2. Cluttered Layout:

While designers may adore their artistic chaos, customers do not. Put yourself in their position for a moment, forgetting who you are. Users find cluttered websites annoying. When there are too many elements on a page, they all compete for the user’s attention and make the purchasing process more difficult. Unaware of where to search, the consumer may miss your CTA or a crucial offer, eluding your salesperson completely. That’s one fewer conversion. Simple and clean is usually a lot more successful in that regard.
First of all, the design scheme you select shouldn’t have more than three primary colors and two different font styles.
Second, make sure that everything you include makes a genuine contribution. This implies that any imagery you do use should be of the highest caliber.
For some time now, UI animations have been on the rise. They may make your interface stand out while also assisting your users and generating curiosity.

3. Slow page load:

These UI Design mistakes can really disappoint your stakeholders because Slow page loads are really one of the most frequent causes of abandoned e-commerce shopping carts. According to data, 40% of visitors will leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.
However, loading speed is crucial for your entire site’s visibility and not only for conversions. Google’s algorithms take into account page loading speed when determining the order of search results.

4. Lack of Video content:

A video is a fantastic tool for all types of communication. Videos can provide visual entertainment and explanations.
Due to the fact that our brains comprehend movies around 60,000 times faster than they do text (opens in new tab), videos provide significant advantages for user interface (UI) and conversion rates. And when it comes to conversions, speed is crucial. Despite this, videos are still underutilized, which in our opinion is a UI error.

Uninviting CTA in UI Design
5 UI Design mistakes that are killing your web traffic 9

5. Uninviting CTAs:

It’s tough to overstate how crucial calls to action are. One of the most frequent UI errors is failing to appreciate your CTAs enough.

Here are some ideas to assist increase those clicks:

a.) Shape: To assist clarify and stand out, clickable buttons are often rectangular and surrounded by white space.
b.) Location: The most obvious next step in your customer’s journey is to place CTAs directly next to the primary proposal.
c.) Colour: There is no ‘optimal’ color that applies to all CTAs. Attempt to match the color scheme of your website, but make sure they are the most noticeable.
d.) Size: Make sure your CTAs are noticeable but not overly huge.

Therefore to increase the web traffic on your webpage, it is important to take care of UI design mistakes, because thatโ€™s what affects users visually.

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5 UI Design mistakes that are killing your web traffic 10

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