How to perform SEO on YouTube and RANK #1

Confused about YouTube SEO

You usually think of How to perform search engine optimization on YouTube when you want your video to rank #1.

It’s easy to see why–Google is, without a doubt, the most powerful search engine on the planet that can provide you with all the SEO assistance you need.

Everyone knows that people prefer to watch videos rather than read lengthy blog articles. In fact, 59 percent of CEOs prefer to watch a video rather than read texts. That’s a quite sizable group. As a result, video SEO services can provide great SEO assistance, including greater view time, increased brand exposure, and more sales leading to a greater number of leads.

For website and video ranking, search engines such as YouTube SEO optimized videos and Google apply the same concepts. The goal is to provide the greatest possible experience for the user, so search engine optimization on YouTube videos has merged with Google search results to make things easier.

In this blog, I’ll show you exactly how to use some simple YouTube SEO analytics to rank at the top of the search engine using SEO assistance and providing a boost to your website.

The number of individuals consuming internet video content is in the billions, and it is increasing every year. The way you’ll use to attract visitors isn’t the same as traditional SEO, but video content is a gold mine.

 YouTube SEO marketing should still be a component of your entire plan. You may even employ some particular YouTube SEO analytics to help your videos rank higher on Google.

YouTube SEO Optimization is a method of enhancing the visibility of channels and videos in search results by optimizing them. 

Why SEO is so important even for youtube videos?

Is YouTube SEO important

YouTube SEO Optimization is vital because it aids in the increase of video views, likes, comments, channel subscribers, and other metrics aiding in YouTube SEO ranking.

When it comes to YouTube SEO Optimization, keywords and titles are crucial. Your audience will grow if you use optimized YouTube-friendly titles.

If you’re debating whether or not you need YouTube SEO services, the answer is simple: if you want people to view your videos, investing in YouTube SEO marketing is a good idea and it will provide you with good SEO Assistance. You probably don’t need YouTube SEO services if you’re content with a few hundred views per video.

To go a little deeper, investing in YouTube SEO services is a terrific idea if you’re a business, regardless of industry, that wants to climb above your competition on YouTube, bring more visitors to your website, and even sell more things.

If you’re still not convinced, consider the following three reasons for using YouTube SEO Optimization services:

  1. The higher your position in the search results, the more clicks you’ll acquire.

It’s clear to see why the videos that appear at the top of search results tend to get the most clicks, and thus the most views, just as it is with Google search results. YouTube’s algorithm, like Google’s, uses a variety of ranking parameters to decide how videos rank, with the goal of serving the most informative, helpful, and on-target videos to the searcher’s query as feasible. Users are unlikely to scroll very far through video results to discover what they want, and they shouldn’t have to. That’s why you need SEO assistance and it is essential to follow YouTube SEO ranking strategies to get your content on the top.


2. The Higher the engagement leads, the higher are the chances to increase rank on YouTube

As previously said, YouTube, like Google, strives to provide consumers with only the finest material depending on their specific search query which means the more effort you devote to YouTube SEO Optimization for interactions such as comments and likes, the more YouTube will regard you as a reliable and authoritative source of information, resulting in you being ranked first in YouTube search results.

3. YouTube has a big set of Outlook.

What are the advantages of using YouTube SEO Optimization services?

One of the most important factors in YouTube’s massive following.

Did you realize that over 1.9 billion people utilize the platform monthly? That’s a lot of people, and we’re prepared to wager that a good chunk of them are interested in your company’s products or services.

Investing in YouTube SEO Optimization services is worthwhile simply because the user base is massive — and with that comes a massive opportunity to enhance brand visibility, website traffic, and conversions.
This is why SEO Assistance is so important even on YouTube videos.

How performing search engine optimization on YouTube impacts your video?

Does performing search engine optimization on youtube impact your video

YouTube SEO Optimization is the practice of optimizing your YouTube videos and channel in order to improve your YouTube SEO rankings. Here, it is important to focus on using relevant YouTube SEO keywords across your pages which will help in SEO assistance, and Increasing critical pointers like follower count, brand visibility, website visits, and revenue can all be aided by optimizing for YouTube.

To imply Search engine optimization on YouTube channel’s page, playlists, metadata, description, and videos are known as YouTube SEO. You may use YouTube’s search engine, as well as other search engines, to optimize your videos. Users can locate your movies using Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The number of people who have seen your video and how well it is ranked in a certain category are both factors in YouTube SEO optimization. According to research, brands that optimize for YouTube search trends have seen a 50 percent rise in viewing time year over year in the last three years.

Transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles, which make use of the text in your video, are important for SEO Assistance and an aspect of YouTube SEO improvement.

What are the advantages of YouTube video optimization?

If you want to generate high-quality content for clients, YouTube is a great place to start. You should publish your videos on YouTube if you’re going to make them. Getting a good rating for your video on this algorithm can help your campaign succeed in a number of ways. Following video creation, the next step is to perform search engine optimization on YouTube videos:

1. It will be easier for potential viewers to find and watch your material.

2. Increased traffic means a wider brand reach and more conversions.

3. Your chances of having your movies rank top in ordinary Google SERPs will improve as well.

Here is a YouTube SEO checklist

Important checklist get started with search engine optimization on youtube

Do you want your videos to acquire the most views possible? To help your videos get discovered, use this YouTube SEO checklist.

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine (it’s also owned by Google, but that’s another story). And, just like a blog piece, you should perform search engine optimization on YouTube videos by including YouTube SEO keywords that people regularly look for on YouTube and Google. When you use these keywords correctly it can provide you with great SEO assistance and, your videos are more likely to appear at the top of the search results when someone searches for them.

Are you concerned that your videos will be buried on the second page of Google search results? Here’s a YouTube SEO checklist that you can use to ensure that any video you publish on YouTube is correctly SEO optimized.

1. Optimize the title of your video. Wondering how to optimize YouTube titles more efficiently? Use the title of your video to target your major keyword and increase the click-through rate (CTR). Include your target term in the title, preferably at the beginning. Make sure the entire title reads in a fascinating and attention-grabbing manner to help increase CTR. For example, here’s a list of words that have been proved to enhance CTR:

  • How To 
  • Tutorial
  • Free
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • #Tips/Ways/Hacks

You can find alternative keywords to use by typing a word or phrase into YouTube’s search bar. These related keywords are useful since they show you what people are actually searching for on YouTube.

2. Include a description of the video.

Make your descriptions as long as possible. Around 200-300 words should suffice to give YouTube a clearer idea of what your film is about. Furthermore, if YouTube can determine the topic of your video, it will be more likely to show as a suggested video.

Use your preferred YouTube keyword two to four times in the description. You may also use time codes that incorporate these YouTube keywords to send visitors to a specific portion of the video.

3. Include some video tags in your post.

Although video tags aren’t as vital as they once were, YouTube still accepts them, so they aren’t completely obsolete. Make one of those tags your goal keyword, and use the suggested keywords associated with it for your other tags.

4. In your video, say your desired term.

Have you noticed how YouTube tries to title most videos automatically? They may not understand every word, but they can understand the vast majority of the terminology used in most videos.

When YouTube identifies your target term in your video, it’s another sign of its importance, so make sure it appears at least once or twice.

5. Subtitles should be uploaded.

Rather than relying on speech recognition for YouTube SEO optimization, you can assist YouTube to get every word correctly by supplying a transcript.

One option is to create your own transcript. SRT transcript file from a service like Rev for your film is now quick, simple, and economical. The transcript will assist YouTube in determining the topic of your video and will help it appear as a suggested recommendation.

6. Make CTR a priority.

This high CTR rate has a favorable impact on your video’s ranking if enough people search for a term and then click on it. Apart from the aforementioned procedures, you should do everything you can to make the preview of your video as enticing as possible.

YouTube SEO Optimization is complete and now your videos are fully SEO optimized.! If you haven’t yet optimized your YouTube channels and playlists, keep in mind that they have a title, description, and tag sections. Fill out your channel and playlist metadata using this YouTube SEO checklist, and your videos will rank highly!

Learn how to optimize YouTube titles


When it comes to YouTube SEO optimization, your video title is one of the most essential ranking elements as it provides great SEO assistance when you do it right.

It determines how many people click on one of your YouTube videos, together with your video thumbnail image.

You won’t get any views if you don’t get any clicks. There is no time to watch if there are no views. There will be no channel growth if there is no time spent watching.

Discuss YouTube SEO optimization and how to uncover keywords that are relevant to your YouTube content cluster. What is the appropriate length of a YouTube title and how to create titles for small YouTube channels?

An interesting fact is that putting your name in the title using ALL-CAPS increases the number of views.

Use YouTube SEO keyword tool

YouTube SEO Keyword research is the most effective technique to ensure that your videos receive constant views. This necessitates an understanding of what your viewers are looking for and provides SEO assistance.

There are YouTube Keyword Tools that calculate reliable search volumes for every keyword by analyzing massive amounts of clickstream data. This is the only tool that provides you a genuine search volume, unlike other programs that assume random statistics from Keyword Planner.


You’ll never run out of ideas for content again.

In seconds, Keywords Explorer will show you dozens of relevant keyword ideas for any wide topic. This should provide you with enough content for the next few months, if not years!


Improve the efficiency of your workflow. To select the finest video subjects for your channel, use our filters. You can refine your search by using the following criteria:

Search volume – displays how many times individuals in a certain country search for your chosen YouTube seo keyword on average each month.

Word Count: The number of words in a keyword or phrase is referred to as the word count.

Clicks – Some queries produce several clicks on search results, while others produce none. ‘Clicks’ displays the average monthly number of clicks on your chosen YouTube keyword’s search results.

CPS (Clicks Per Search) – indicates how many different search results individuals click on average after looking for a particular YouTube keyword.

Return Rate (RR) – indicates how frequently individuals lookup that keyword again.

Scroll Down to find the best YouTube video SEO tools that might come in handy!

Learn how to use google trends for SEO

Google Trends is a free Google tool used for Youtube SEO Analyser that displays statistics and graphs on the popularity of different Google and YouTube searches. Google Trends was initially introduced in 2006 by Google.

Maintaining a YouTube presence is an excellent approach to increasing brand awareness and generate leads. Growing a YouTube channel, on the other hand, isn’t easy. When you run a tiny channel, you’re up against well-known companies and content providers with enormous followings. So, how can you get your part of the 84 percent of video marketers that say video creates leads and sales?

Take a look at the most popular YouTube searches. Video creators use YouTube’s hot themes to inspire their video content strategy, create viral videos, and repost failed videos.

Why Should You Care About YouTube Search Trends?

According to a survey from 2021, people spend an average of 18 hours each week watching movies online

This is why it’s useful to be aware of what’s hot right now. So, if you are wondering How Google search trends work?

Google search trends offer two types of topic suggestions:

1. Proven topic ideas that people are interested in 

2. Unusual topics that have little competition but a lot of attention

Learn how to optimize YouTube description for SEO

First and foremost: Google Trends is a loose Google device that shows information and graphs on the recognition of various Google and YouTube searches. While it is high-quality to replenish all of that space, maintain in thoughts that your target market is maximumly probable right here to look at a video, now no longer examine an essay. 

If you pick out to jot down an extended description, maintain in thoughts that YouTube best shows the primary or 3 lines (approximately a hundred characters). Users have to then click “see more” to view the complete description. As a result, we advise beginning the outline with the maximum essential details, inclusive of CTAs or key links.

It does not harm to consist of a transcript in terms of YouTube search engine optimization Optimization, in particular for folks who have to watch it without sound.

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