Top 10 tools for Web Analytics

Top 10 Tools for web analytics

Do you own a website and are unsure about its performance? Do you want to find out the gaps and the flaws of your website? Well, here in this blog you will learn exactly how to bridge those gaps using the top 10 tools for web analytics.

Websites play the most important part in any business. It contains all the information about your business and is a mirror of the quality of your products and services. Thus maintaining your website must always be your topmost priority. Tools for web analytics are exactly what you need to maintain a high-end website and gather high traffic, sales, and increased revenue just with a single click. Web analytics provides a detailed analysis of your website’s performance and fixes and eliminates its weaknesses of it. Here we will learn about the Top 10 tools for Web Analytics to provide the exact boost that your website needs.

Before we jump to the list of web analytics, let’s see how can web analytics help our website?

In order to know what is best for our website, we need to keep a track of the website metrics using the metrics for web analytics.

Here are some important web analytics metrics:

  • The number of visitors: Visitors are key to any successful website. Backlinks, optimized content, advertisements, and campaigns help to bring infinite traffic to your website. Keep an account of the visitors and strategically turn them into leads.
  • Bounce rate: It actually refers to how many visitors have skipped your website just because it either didn’t match their preference or they are bored or unhappy with your website’s details. Thus the lesser the bounce rate, the better is the performance of your website.
  • Average page view per session: This reflects how many pages of your website have been browsed by the visitors. The more the visitors browse through the category pages, the more will be the probability of getting successful leads.
  • Session duration: It measures the amount of time the visitors stay on your website. If the visitor likes your products and services the session duration is likely to remain high.
  • Average Time on Page: It shows how long a visitor has spent on each page of your website. The right use of optimized content, interesting videos, and images will increase this metric.
  • Top Traffic Source: Traffic source is simply from where visitors arrive at your website. Emails, newsletters, google ads, Facebook ads, etc draw infinite traffic.
  • Device source: Analysis of which device (pc, laptop, android, ios, etc) the visitors have used to reach a website is an important metric to track your website’s performance.
  • Interactions per visit: This metric helps to acquire in-depth knowledge about the activities of your website. Track what’s more engaging about the website and improve the qualities that visitors want the most.
  • Exit pages: The pages from where the visitors exit the website, either being uninterested or because they have changed their mind about the services of your business are known as exit pages. The more engaging your website will be, the more successful will be the performance of it, attracting infinite traffic and sales.

These metrics for web analytics can be easily overviewed and comprehended using the web analytics dashboard. The web analytics dashboard systematically monitors the status and health of websites.

The Top 10 tools for Web Analytics are as follows:

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics tool

Google Analytics is the one widely used tool out of 10 tools for web analytics strongly focusing on SEO and googles ad performance. It provides a detailed understanding of user behavior regardless of the industry, using both free and paid features. All of the metrics such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, traffic source, etc can be analyzed thoroughly. The Smart Goal feature of google analytics helps to ensure maximum conversion, sales, and lead generation. The dashboard allows monitoring, filtering using funnel analysis, and segmentation to provide you with in-depth reporting of the performance of your website and its visitors. Google Analytics 360, the paid plan as well as the free plan are highly unique and useful.

2. Matomo:

Matomo tool

Matomo is amongst the best tools for web analytics that one may ever come across, allowing its users to completely control the visitor behavioral data generated using the tool. Matomo’s No.1 feature is 100% data control and protecting all sensitive data. Even Matomo cloud cannot share any data or information. There are no third-party interactions and all the data are protected under strict privacy policies such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and PECR. The complete web analytics package comes with helpful metrics such as ultimate visitor tracking, event tracking, custom reporting, session recording, A/B testing, conversion funnels, heatmaps, etc. It has over 1 million active users in almost 190+ countries.

Matomo provides a 21 day free trial period. The paid plans are Cloud hosting Essential plan, Cloud hosting Business plan, Cloud hosting Enterprise plan, whereas Matomo on-premise is free to download with additional paid features, and Matomo for WordPress is free of charge.

3. Crazy Egg:

Crazyegg tool

Crazy Egg is out of one the leading tools for web analytics consisting of cool metrics such as heatmaps and scroll maps, snapshot recording, session recordings, A/B testing (improves web design), demo dashboards (shows overall performance), etc. Crazy Egg analyses how visitors navigate to and on your website, how much time do visitors spend on the pages, and what are the weaknesses of the website. It is highly aimed at improving the UX, the conversion rates ultimately increasing the Return of Investment(ROI). The basic plan, Standard plan, Plus plan, pro plan, the Custom plan comes with unique features.

4. Mixpanel:

Mixpanel tool

Mixpanel thoroughly studies user experience, and analyses customer behavior. It provides a better understanding of what customers are looking for based on the current trends. It keeps an account of how customers are engaging with the websites, and what is being purchased and sold. Behavioral analytics, testing and messaging, real-time data analysis are amongst the other cool metrics of the mix panel. Free plan, growth plan, and custom plan are the three pricing plans.

5. Clicky:

Clicky tool

Clicky allows its users to track the activities of their website in real-time. Over 1.2 million sites have relied on Clicky for the last 13 years to monitor their online auctions for a certain period of time. In order to use Clicky, one must register. After registering an admin site key and tracking code will be provided that needs to be manually installed in the organization’s template. You may use plugins as well. Tracking of website behavior begins after the process. Clicky uses dashboards and widgets, metrics such as Twitter analytics, conversion rates, bouncer rates, heatmaps in analyzing the website in real-time. The state-of-the-art protection systems bar spams. There is a 21 day free trial period of premium features.

6. Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics tool

Adobe Analytics allows visitors to be grouped according to certain attributes and then analyze their behaviors. It uses unique machine learning and algorithms and is popular among marketers for its digital marketing capabilities and web analytical power. Its pricing plan is unknown.

7. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs tool

Ahrefs is the web analytics tool best suited for your website’s SEO. It provides valuable and trendy keywords based on your industry and solves all SEO issues. It studies the competitors and reflects the gaps in your content and website. Ahrefs pricing plan starts at a 7-day trial costing $7. 

8. Amplitude:

Amplitude tool

Just like Adobe Analytics, Amplitude can be used to analyze revenue, retention, and sales funnels after segmenting visitors according to their behaviors and improving UX and user behavior. A/B testing, targeted campaigns, conversion funnels help product managers to improve the customer journey. Its free plan provides up to ten million actions per month such as unlimited user activity timelines, life cycle analysis, etc depending on user behavior.

9. Hotjar:

Hotjar tool

Hotjar is a relatively new tool for web analytics that helps companies and marketers to study visitors’ behavior. It uses several innovative metrics such as heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, feedback surveys, and polls to improve the UX, marketing, and conversion rates of your website. Its features are both computer and mobile-friendly. Its pricing policy consists of a Free plan (free), Plus plan ($39/month), a Business plan(starting $99/month), and an agency plan (pricing on individuals’ preferences).

10. Chartbeat:

Chartbeat tool

Chartbeat is designed for publishing organizations to analyze reader engagement. Chartbeat has partnered with over 60,000 media brands in almost 60 countries worldwide. Its real-time and historical analytics dashboard assists media brands to identify the topics that readers like and mostly connect with. After writing your content, Chartbeat allows you to do headline and image testing to comprehend successful headlines that readers click on to read the content online and thus increase revenue with increased engagement. There are three pricing policies as Basic, Plus, and Premium which come with unique facilities. 

The pricing plans for the tools of web analytics may become a limitation of web analytics, but if we compare our investment in the tool with the conversion rates and the Return of Investment (ROI), your action will be worth it from all aspects.

Go through all the features of the web analytic tools and ask what improvisations your website exactly needs. Are you still waiting to choose the right option for your website? Well, Clickites will help you to boost up your website providing your website the exact push. Hurry up, contact us today!

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