How do I start blogging?

How do I start blogging ?

Starting as personal journals, blogs have become an important part of the online world. For some years in the past, it has improved businesses. if you want to know “why is blogging important” then you are at the right place, read out this blog carefully and I assure you, you get your answer.

So do you want to drive traffic to your website, get infinite leads, and grow your business?

Well, blogging can be the answer to all your questions.

In this blog, you will come to know everything you must know about blogging. Here we covered popular topics for blogging that is :

  • What is blogging?
  • Why is blogging important?
  • Statistical data about blogs being an important part of business.
  • Simple tips to make your blogging journey easy.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a website or a web page, often written in an informal fashion to share information, this is the purpose of blogging. But unlike websites, blogs are generally in the form of posts containing minute details of your product, services, business.  The comment section beneath every blog act as an interactive medium whether it is B2B or B2C.

There are different types of blogs such as Personal Blogs, Personal Brand Blogs, Corporate Blogs, Personal Services Blogs, Repair Services Blogs, Niche Blogs, Affiliate Blog, Artist’s Blog, The Counter-Culture Blog, Guest Blogs,  Case Study Blog, Podcast, etc. To know about these blogs in detail visit 12 Types of Blogs and When They’re Most Successful | Elegant Themes Blog

Why blogging is important?

Importance of a Blogs
How do I start blogging? 6

 Blogging is very important for your business and here you will see “how blogging helps your business” :

1. It makes you an expert in your field: ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’- this proverb shows us how we can express the best of ourselves through what we write. The blog serves this purpose the best. 

The way you write a blog gives your business a voice and a personality. Blogging is great as your customers get to know about the business, industry, and many other relevant subjects through it. Publishing blogs consistently in a way makes you the industry leader with utmost knowledge about the industry and authority over it.

2.  It shows you value your customer: A business is nothing without a customer. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of your relationship with customers, blogs become the solution. As blogs contain free elaborate details about the services, products, and brand, it becomes easy for the customers to know beforehand what they are exactly seeking. Blogs allow customers to voice their opinions portraying they are important for your business. It bridges the gap between the sellers and the users.

3. It makes you rank higher in search engine results: Whenever we fall in an unknown situation we look upon Google or other search engines for help. We generally look for the answer from the top results, mostly from different companies. Relevant and popular keywords in your blogs will boost your business through the best SEO strategies.

4. It helps to collect emails of interested customers: Blogging is an important way to gather the emails of interested customers by asking blog readers to subscribe to blog posts. You can send more information and promotions about the business by adding them to your content marketing funnel. It increases your leads and the chance of a conversion.

5. Increase chances of Lead Conversion: Blogging helps in demand generation, driving more visitors to your business and increasing the chance of changing them from visitors to potential customers. Blogging along with the three lead conversion stages as awareness stage, consideration stage, and Decision Stage pushes customers to become leads without selling to them.

6. Increase brand visibility and brand awareness of your business: Uploading blogs every day with updated information about your business makes your website highly visible because SEO drives infinite traffic.

7. Backlinks or inbound links increase your domain authority and search engine rankings.

8. Cost-effectiveness: The sole investment in a blog is your time and what you get is vast knowledge about the brand and business.

Statistical data about blogs being an important part of the business

Statistical data about blogs for business
How do I start blogging? 7
  1. 91% of B2B marketers and 81% of B2C marketers rely on content marketing for their business. Content Marketing Infographic | Demand Metric
  2. Content Marketing Infographic | Demand Metric states “59% of B2B markets consider blogs the most valuable channel” and also that blogs are responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
  3. Content Marketing Infographic | Demand Metric also says, “On average, companies with blogs produce +67% leads per month”
  4. Every month, 70 million posts appear on WordPress blogs. To know more visit How Many Blog Posts Are Published per Day – 2021 Statistics (
  5. According to Hubspot, Marketers who blog are 13x more likely to gain positive ROI. Look for more here, 50 Fascinating Blogging Statistics – 2021 Update | 99firms
  6. According to MarketingProfs, compared to short-form blog posts, long-form blogs generate leads by 9 times.
  7. Hubspot and Kuno Creative say 38% of the blog traffic comes from compounding blog posts or high-value posts. 
  8. Content Marketing Institute shows that the number of U.S online consumers who have purchased something after learning about a recommendation on a blog is 61%. Content Marketing Statistics (

Simple tips to make your blogging journey easy

Tips to make your blogging easy
How do I start blogging? 8

 Try to create the best blogs by following these steps:

  1. Select good topics for blogging and make them catchy and interesting. Share stories.
  2. Before you start writing, do keyword research for SEO.
  3. Do thorough research over Google or practical field research for your content. 
  4. Use compelling and eye-catching titles.
  5. Attach reference links to your blog for more information and traffic.
  6. Use gifs, photos, and videos completely related to the subject. Always mention the source. Blogs with images attract 94% more views.
  7. Try to seek the help of Grammarly or Plagiarism Checker to make your content 100% unique. 
  8. Promote your blogs over social media as 95.9% of bloggers do the same. For more visit, 58 Amazing Blogging Statistics for 2021 (

All businesses and companies promote themselves over blogs and get their dream leads.


Can I start a free blog?

Yes, you can definitely start a free blog of your own. There are various sites that provide you with the option to produce your own free blogs. To create a free blog, first, choose a website and blog template. WordPress, blogger, and strikingly are a few websites that allow you to create free blogs.

Can I create a blog using my phone?

Yes, you can! Because most of us lead busy lives, always rushing from one place to another, it might be difficult to find time to update our blogs on a regular basis when we get home, which is why many people have switched to writing and managing their personal archives from their mobile phones.

Can a blog be monetized from the very beginning?

If you wonder how blogs earn money and want to start monetizing from the outset, establish a strategy and approach it like a genuine business. There are a couple of advantages to monetizing right away. To begin with, it will create some cash – it won’t be much at first, but anything is better than nothing, and you’ll be astonished at how even a small amount of money can excite and invigorate you through blog writing!

Is SEO Necessary for a blog?

SEO can help you acquire free targeted traffic from search engines whether you have a website, blog, or online shop. Keyword research, content authoring, on-page SEO, and link building are all common duties involved with blog SEO. Although there are a variety of techniques to bring visitors to a blog, search engine traffic is the most constant and reliable.

How does a blog help in marketing?

The advantages of business blogs for marketing include the fact that they assist in driving traffic to your website, converting that traffic into leads, establishing authority, and driving long-term outcomes.

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