Does Snapchat allow advertising?

Does snapchat allow advertising ?

Have you heard about Snapchat but are oblivious to its Advertising?

Have you come across advertisements of renowned brands on Snapchat, but never thought of advertising your own brand?

Are you looking for infinite leads and high traffic?

Well, here we will find out how Snapchat Advertising comes to the rescue of all your problems. Let’s take a close look at the key ways to grow your connection and build your brand identity on this amazing platform.

So, what are we going to learn here?

  • What are Snapchat Ads?
  • Types of Snapchat Ads: Choose as you wish!
  • Snapchat Statistics: How did and do grow business online using Snap Ads?
  • What are the amazing benefits of Snap Ads?
  • How to run ads on this amazing platform using Snap Ads Manager?

What are Snapchat Ads? 101.

Introduction to snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads are full-screen vertical videos that can be extended up to 10 seconds. Swiping up or clicking anytime when the video ad is playing will lead Snapchatters to watch a longer video, read an article, install an app or visit a product website. Where do we find Snap Ads? Mostly between Snaps, in between our stories, different shows, and Publisher’s stories.

Types of Snapchat Ads: Choose as you Wish!

There are mainly six different types of Snapchat Ads which are as follow:

1. Snap Ads: 

Snap Ads are very common to Snapchatters. They are mainly vertical photos, videos, gifs extending from 3-10 seconds. Installing an app from a definite URL is made easy through Snap Ads

A nine-second ad for mobile game company Nanobit is famous amongst Snapchat Ads. Look for a case study that shows Nanobit sees 50% lower CPI when acquiring users from the Snapchat campaign.

2. Filters Ads:

Filters are stylized texts and images that appear over your snap. The filter developed by Quaker Oats got several audiences with Snap Filters. Look for more in Quaker Oats drives efficient reach with Audience Filters 

Geo-Filter is a unique feature in Snapchat, targeted to geographic areas. Free community GeoFilters are quite famous in cities, schools, universities, and other geographic areas. Businesses are able to create their own Geo-Filters for just $5. GeoFilter prices range from $13 to $45 to even $3,000, for an area around a specific office building to 70 city blocks. Theme parks and hotels are the ideal businesses to use GeoFilters.

3. Lenses Ads: 

Snapchat is completely incomplete without puppy ears, flower crown selfies, animated eyes, makeup, and glasses. Yes, these are “Lenses”.

From an advertising perspective, you can be turned into a huge taco, like the one by Taco Bell. The hilarious Taco Bell lens was all over our feed, and we would be unable to forget it even if we tried very hard.

Apart from “Face Lenses” like the previous, Snapchat also offers “World Lenses,” which use the front camera to make it seem like objects are indeed present in your physical space. So you can imagine how wonderful it feels to have a burger on a plate in front of you! Yum! Bareburger lens does exactly the same. Switch on the snap camera and get the burger over your plate within seconds.

4. Story Ads:

A collection of Snap Ads is known as Story Ads. The “Discover” feed brings to you the Story Ads with striking cover photos and headlines. Interesting!

5. Commercials Ads:

Snapchat commercials are only available in certain countries and are exactly what they sound like. They are often six seconds long and are unable to be skipped. Snapchatters are bound to watch!

6. Product Ads:

Do you want your services and products to come into the limelight? Well, it can be easily done after you upload “shoppable ads” with a catalog of your products and services. These are called Product Ads.

Snapchatters just cannot resist themselves after coming across appealing Product Ads!

Dynamic Ads

In mid-October (2019), Snapchat advertising was gifted with a new feature of customized and personalized ads called Dynamic Ads. Remarketing allows you to send ads to previous visitors of your website or mobile app but Dynamic remarketing lets you specifically direct folks to the online catalog pages of the exact products that they looked at on your site. Check how clients like Swarovski and Ivory Ella highly look upon Dynamic Ads here: Direct-response advertisers report some early success with Snapchat’s dynamic ads

Snapchat Statistics: How did and do businesses grow using Snap Ads?

Snapchat Stats for Business Growth
  1. In 2019 Snapchat’s net advertising revenues were USD $1.53 million, and in 2021, it is expected to reach USD $2.62 billion.  Snapchat: global advertising revenue 2021
  2. In comparison to the second quarter of 2019, in the second quarter of 2020, Snapchat’s revenue increased by 17%. Inc. – Snap Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results
  3. Millenials and Gen Z have $1 spending potential. 35% of snapchat users send snaps about the products they are interested in. they are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases. Why Advertise on Snapchat?
  4. 40% snapchatters download 1 to 5 apps in a week and use apps for purchasing atleast once a month. Check the statistics out: New year, new phone: Snapchatters + apps = BFF
  5. The new feature that made easy for brands to connect with Snapchatters on mobiles is Brand Profile. It allows Snapchatters to purchase from Shopify: Shopify Taps into the Buying Power of Snapchatters
  6. Sounds in Snapchat ads have helped business to grow widely. Almost 64% Snap Ads are viewed with sound: Snapchat Ads Best Practices: 10 Tips to Help Increase Ad Engagement | Snapchat for Business
  7. Snapchat has helped Gaming Business to grow as well. Over 100 million Snapchatters played Snap games like Bitmoji Party from April 2019 to June 2020. Inc. – Snap Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results

What are the amazing benefits of Snap Ads?

Benefits of Snapchat Ads
  1. Cost effectiveness: The Average Swipe-Up rates in Snapchat for a week-long campaign ranges amongst $20 a day, $200 a day and $2000 a day investment.
  2. Grow Brand Awareness: Just as Bacardi, Subway and Taco Bell tremendously increased their reach through Snap Ads and Commercials, get ready to rock your own brand.
  3. Traffic: Snapchat has 166 million daily users who spend more than 30 mins in it and open the app more than 18 times a day. Snapchatter’s online and offline interests and behaviour can be read from the Oracle Data Cloud , which helps businesses to target appropriate audiences.
  4. Convincing and Trustworthy: MediaScience found that users are more likely to make a purchase based on Snap Ads compared to most other social media marketing ads.
  5. Engaging: MediaScience also confirmed that Snap As’s swipe up rate is five times higher than other social media ads.
  6. Measuring Results made easy:  Delivery Metrics, Spend Metrics, Conversion Metrics help you to know if your Snapchat ads have delivered their desired outcomes.

How to run ads on this amazing platform using Snap Ads Manager?

Run Ads using Snapchat Ads Manager

As you log in to your Snapchat Ad Manager, you will be allowed to create a Snapchat campaign using a pop-up, if you have never done it before, else to get started click on “+New Campaign”.

1. Choose an objective for your Campaign: 

You will get four options amongst which you have to choose one that you want snap-chatters to do when they see your Snap Ad.

a.) Drive traffic to your website

b.) Drive install of your app

c.) Grow Awareness

d.) Drive Videos Views

Set a schedule for your campaign by either starting the campaign immediately and then running indefinitely or setting the start and end dates.

Add a name to your ad campaign to make finding your ad campaigns easier.

 Click on “Next” to create ad sets.

2.  Set the audience, budget & goals, and schedule of your ad:

Stepwise select your audience by choosing the Geography, Demographics (age, gender, language, income, parental status e.t.c.), Audiences (based on their online and offline behavior), Placements (Content Placement, All Snapchat), and Devices (based on OS: Android, iOS, or both; Connection type: cell, wifi or both; service provider: AT&T, 02, etc.)

The Budget and Goals section helps you to set your daily budget, goals also bid amount. The minimum daily budget is $100. Click “Next”.

The Schedule section helps in scheduling the particular ad set. Once done press “Next”.

3. Choose your Snap Ad Type and upload a Creative:

The four ad types in Snapchat are:

  • Top Snap only (3-10 seconds video, no swipe up call-to-action, with no video or link attachment).
  • Web View (to drive traffic to purchase a product, read an article, mek a booking etc).
  • App install (drives traffic to your app page in Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
  • Long-form video (trailer for a long form video often extending upto 10 seconds).

Create your Snap Ad: Upload and Create

  • Choose a Brand Name (maximum 25 characters with pace, appearing in the upper-left corner of Snap Ad).
  • Choose Headline (maximum 34 characters with space, appearing below your brand).
  • Choose Call to action (depends on the ad type), appearing at the bottom of Snap Ad)

Click on “Upload” if you want to add the existing “Media File” to your ad. 

To create new vertical videos, click “Create” which will lead you to Snap Publisher, where you can create a video or edit according to your wish.

4. Run the Campaign:

Click on “Launch Campaign” to set up your very first Snap Ad campaign. Hurray!

5. All Set! Now Monitor, Optimize and Report: 

You can monitor your ad performance from the dashboard of the Snapchat Ad Manager. Your overall and individual campaign’s ad metrics are displayed. You can see each campaign, ad set, or adjust by clicking on its name. The metrics for specific dates can be seen by updating the date selector. “Customize Columns” help in customizing the metric columns of the table.

To know more about metrics look into the Single Image or Video Metrics Glossary

The “Edit” button helps in editing your ad schedule or budget by allowing you to customize a few details of your campaign or ad set.

  • In Campaign you can customize: Campaign Name, Daily Budget (Higher than 70 percent of the total of daily budgets of all ad sets within the campaign), Schedule, Status.
  • In Ad set: Ad set NAme, Schedule, Daily Budget, Bid Amount.

Report of the Ad Results can be found by clicking on the download button beside the “Customize Columns” button. It will get you a CSV file of the opened table.

Start your business ride on Snapchat today! Hurry up, after Taco Bell, Bacardi, and Subway it can be your brand to get viral over the snaps! Best Wishes.


Why is Snapchat attractive to advertisers?


How long is a Snapchat ad?

Snapchat Ads are full-screen vertical videos that can be extended up to 3 minutes. But an effective Snapchat ad should range between 3-10 seconds. 
Some Ad types are:
Top Snap only (3-10 seconds video, no swipe up call-to-action, with no video or link attachment).
Web View (to drive traffic to purchase a product, read an article, make a booking, etc).
App install (drives traffic to your app page in Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
Long-form video (trailer for a long-form video often extending up to 10 seconds).

How can Snapchat advertising help Small businesses?

The main goal of every business, be it small or huge, is to earn maximum revenue and grow traffic. Snapchat for the following years has provided small businesses a huge opportunity to highlight their products and services on the plates of millions of active users.
a. A 5-10secs Snap Ad of your product can easily be catered to millions of active users.
b. Your products and services can be reached out to or downloaded by swipe up.
c. You can easily choose the range of customers based on demographics.
d. Snapchat advertising is quite affordable, so no need to worry about too much expenditure!

What is Snapchat-Ad-Manager?

Snapchat Ad Manager is the self-serve advertising platform presented by Snapchat. It is used to create Snapchat campaigns, select ad types, set budgets, goals and to optimize them, and monitor performance.

What ad types have the best sales conversions on Snapchat?

Every ad type on Snapchat has a very good amount of sales conversion each year. But Snap Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Geofilters have the best sales conversions on Snapchat.

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