Is Keyword Research Important?

Is Keyword Research Important

Whenever we talk about ranking in search engines or generation of organic traffic, keyword research provides great SEO assistance. There are various questions wandering into our minds like Why is keyword research important? And how do we use keywords efficiently?

If we talk about the fact, then you should know that SEO is rated much lower than Content Marketing. And the first step of achieving the Goal through content marketing is keyword research.

What is Keyword research?

The keyword is the word used by internet users to find what they are looking for. Also, It determines what your business is known for. 

Keyword research is the cornerstone of your online marketing operations, and it informs every decision you make.

Is it still necessary to use keywords in search engine optimization (SEO)?

The answer is Yes! The activity of examining prevalent, industry-specific terms and phrases that drive search traffic to search engine results pages is known as keyword research.

Why is Keyword research important and how does it provide SEO Assistance?

best Keyword for SEO
Is Keyword Research Important? 6

It’s critical to comprehend why the intent of people’s online searches matters. 

Have you ever thought that if you’re looking for “women’s shoes” on google, and Google shows you results for ” Places to visit in Chennai” instead of that?

Will you click on that website or will you go for another query?

It’s obvious if you’re looking for something, and you don’t get the exact or relevant results, then what’s the use of Google?

But have you ever thought about how this happens so that you get the most relevant results whenever you go for any search query?

Here, you will find the importance of keyword research and how it provides SEO assistance for businesses. If businesses are using the exact phrases, they will target their audience more effectively and organically. But for that, they have to understand the mind of their audience.

Keyword research becomes more important if you want to grow your business organically with SEO assistance. This sounds so simple but plays an important role in providing SEO assistance. Other factors are there but what’s the use of that if people don’t find relevant products or services on your website for which they are looking.

It helps indexers and search engines to find relevant search queries. It should be the first step while creating content for a website or campaign. The importance of keyword research tells us what our audience is exactly looking for.

And it’s not only users who are searching for those keywords. Also, Google and other search engines will be going to read the content on your website to find that keyword and rank your content for those searches.

Also, here are a few facts you should know regarding keyword research:

  1. While doing Keyword research, helps you to understand your brand, business, and services or products which are offering.
  2. Tells google ranking 
  3. Tells you what people are searching for 
  4. Helps you to determine the correct set of keywords that provide SEO assistance and help the business to grow organically.
  5. Convert your audience into consumers.

How to do Keyword research?

How to do Keyword research?
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For Finding the relevant and appropriate keyword for particular content or website by following three simple steps:

  1. Define your Business niche, Goal, and Target Audience.
  2. Go for various keyword Research Tools that suit your Best and find them easy to use at your Convenience.
  3. Make a spreadsheet that includes various columns including keywords, search volume, competition Rate, etc. before writing any content.
  4. Make a Content Strategy and outline it according to the selected keyword.
  5. Gather data on current keywords that are driving traffic to the website.
  6. Structured the Content.

Or you can go for top digital marketing agencies like Clickites for SEO assistance.

Also, don’t avoid local keywords. In recent years, Google has given local businesses a higher priority, encouraging them to claim their listing on Google My Business. If you don’t claim your business, Google will take the information from your website that they believe is correct and publish it publicly. Marketers and company owners can’t control everything on Google, but you can attract more local searches by conducting local keyword research and optimizing your site’s most critical product and service pages.

How to find the best keywords for SEO?

Numerous keywords are simple and easy to find. But the problem comes when It is being used by everyone which automatically leads to competition.

To avoid that much competition, nowadays many businesses are shifting towards long-tail keywords. These may be searched for less often, but more specific and more relevant, because they provide great SEO assistance. Also, decrease the bounce rate.

There are a few keyword research tools you can use to find relevant keywords for your business:

  1. Google keyword planner: Good for alternative words and phrases and provide you with great SEO assistance and a broad range of keywords. But not suitable for long-tail keywords.
  2. Moz Keyword Explorer: Just type a term and get 1000 suggestions here. This tool will display the degree of difficulty for each keyword as well as the top 10 sites that rank for that term.
  3. Ubersuggest: It is also the most efficient tool for long-tail keywords. Along with the suggested keywords, you will also find the search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, and cost per click.
  4. KW Finder: It is also an efficient tool for finding keywords. Along with the suggested Keywords, you will also find The Trends, Search Difficulty, and Traffic on that Keyword. This tool is created by Mangools.

Why is it important to use a keyword tool?

Why it is important to use a keyword tool?
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Keyword Research tool saves your time and provides SEO assistance. They give you a set of relevant and most searched phrases in just seconds. And what’s better than that when you get 1000+ keyword suggestions by just typing one word.

A keyword with a large search volume isn’t always the most useful, because the more people searching for it, the more competition for rankings on the Search Engine Ranking pages (SERPs).

Instead, choose a more specialized medium-to-low keyword or phrase to separate yourself apart from the competitors. Using different tools, you can analyze these factors accurately.

How to use keywords?

After having a sufficient list of keywords, it’s necessary to incorporate them into your content.

There’s no need to use the same keyword several times, you can go for synonyms or related terms also. 

First, you should know the part where you have to add specific keywords which include URLs, Static Content, Title tags, Meta description, Title tags, Image Alt attributes, Images, and Videos names, 

Second, Don’t Over-optimize the content.

Third, Take long-tail keywords into consideration.


Keywords play a significant role in providing great SEO assistance and growing business visibility on the internet. It helps the business to target more specific audiences by using specific keywords.

The growing demand for digital marketing makes businesses more competitive on online platforms. Organic Traffic is still more valuable and the basis for it is Keyword Research.

Nowadays, Voice search is also becoming a problem for many businesses. Voice searches include more text and more specific queries, which leads to the ultimate demand for long-tail keywords to be used in the content. Research should be done regularly to identify the changing demand for the product/services you are offering.

Google Trends is one of the best websites where you can identify the current trends. Whereas Quora is another platform that helps you to identify what exactly people want to know or are looking for, related to any business’s product or service. 

Google trends and Quora, not only help you to identify the latest queries on Google but also give an idea about the content you should have on your website/ Blogs.

Just do one thing. Do a favor to your business by just asking a simple question yourself.

If you Learn the Keyword Research videos from basics and want to know the types of video then check this video?


What are the free tools available for keyword research?

Here are some free keyword tools to help you get started with SEO without spending any money:
·         Google Trends
·         Keyword Generator
·         Keyword Sheeter
·         Answer the Public
·         Keyword Surfer
·         Keyworddit
·         Google Search Console
·         Questiondb
·         Bulk Keyword Generator
·         Google

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a valuable search trends tool that displays the frequency with which a certain search phrase is entered into Google’s search engine in relation to the site’s overall search traffic over time. Google Trends may be used to compare keyword research and identify spikes in keyword search volume resulting from events.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are terms with a small number of searches. It has nothing to do with how long or short a term is, how well it converts, or how specialized it is, contrary to popular belief. A long-tail term is a search query that is three words or longer.

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization (SEO) method, often known as webspam or spamdexing, in which keywords are stuffed into meta tags, viewable content, or backlink anchor text to acquire an unfair search engine ranking advantage.

What is keyword difficulty?

Keyword difficulty is a method of assessing how difficult it is to rank in Google’s organic search results for a specific phrase (also known as “SEO difficulty” or “keyword competitiveness”). A number of factors influence the difficulty of a keyword, including domain authority, page authority, and content quality.

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