Is Email Marketing important for businesses?

Is email marketing important for businesses?

Well, in the journey as an email marketer, one thing that might strike you is at what frequency and when you should send emails, newsletters, and marketing leads to your mailing list. Perfecting Timing is very important when it comes to email marketing. Scheduling the wrong emails at the wrong time leads to high unsubscribe rates and can be a great loss for business as there is a risk of losing a potential customer.

Email Marketing also Gets hands in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. In SMM and SEO, Email Marketing is one of the factors that Increases marketing and Reach.

Here we have constructed a3 step solution to planning your own email marketing strategy types that can help you set a benchmark against others.

Step1: Use Data as a point of reference

Every business is different and what works for someone else might not work for you so you need to analyze data and create your own strategy.

Step2: Segmenting email list

Every subscriber in your mailing list is different and has different wants and needs. The only thing that is common among them is that at some point they have subscribed to receive emails from you. Since everyone in your mailing list is different, sending the same emails might sound easier but it is not a great strategy. Segmenting the mailing list by interest, niche, or by statistics, you can send super-targeted emails increasing the chances of your subscriber getting converted into a loyal customer.

Step3: Let your subscribers know how often you will be emailing them

Being transparent about how often you will be mailing them will gain you a lot of trust from your subscribers be it once a week or twice a week. You should do this in your welcome message so your subscribers know what to expect.

Email marketing tools

Email marketing tools that you must get your hands on

We have compared some cool email marketing tools that would be beneficial. So, wanna make your lives easier, just dive in. 



Tool Name  No. of contacts  No of mails  Features in the free version 
1  Mailer lite  1000  12,000/month  Limited features 
2  Sender  2500  15,000/month  All features included 
3  Mailchimp  2000 contacts + 1 audience  10,000/month  Limited Features 
4  Sendinblue  unlimited  300/day  Limited features 
5  ConvertKit  1000  unlimited  Limited features 
6  Mailjet  unlimited  6,000/month  Limited Features 
7  EmailOctopus  2500  10,000/month  Limited Features 
8  Moosend  1000  unlimited  Limited Features 
9  SendPulse  500  15,000/month  Limited features 
10  Omnisend  unlimited  15,000/month  Limited Features 

Free Email Templates you can get your hands on

Top email template websites

A Good Email marketing strategies require the right format and sometimes that becomes a task. We have got your back and here we present a list of sites offering some cool email templates that you can get started with absolutely free.

This is a collection of beautifully designed emails that you can open in your Gmail draft and customize according to your liking.

From a variety of color designs, these templates will surely help you get the right pace in your journey toward being a successful marketer.

Here is the list of the top 7 email template websites that you can choose from:

1. BEE Template



4. Stripo


6. Dispatch

7. Antwort

Common Mistakes to avoid while drafting an email

Mistakes to avoid in email marketing

When you send an email to any of your customers or end-user whether personally or professionally, it creates an impact resulting in an immediate impression which can be positive or negative.

As we all are aware, an email message is a regular part of our work. It can be of any type personal, sales, branding, etc. While sending a mail to be conscious about the following points-

  • Always consider the language and tone of the mail. It creates a vivid and constructive impact on the viewers.
  • If your mail is not important or not relevant do not send it as it can create a negative impression.
  • Before drafting your mail, keep in mind the message should be short, relevant, clear, and free of grammatical mistakes.
  • Avoid putting wrong links, broken links, or no links at all.
  • Emails should be relevant to the lists and focus on the field.
  • Include proper email marketing subject line, not being very lengthy.

How to grow your email list

Grow your email list

Email marketing initiatives work the best when you have an email list of potential clients. An email list can’t be built overnight and needs a clear-cut strategy to collect data with consent from different sources. Here are a few ways you can grow your email list:

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is one of the best ways to grow your email list by providing your audience with a valuable piece of information in exchange for their email. This helpful piece of data can be a cheat sheet, a ready reckoner, case study, templates, or a tool kit.

Online Giveaways/Contest

Plan a reward that most of your target audience wants and host a giveaway on your platform. All you have to do is make it compulsory for your participants to submit their email addresses.

Collect Feedbacks

People love talking about their experiences, collecting feedback in exchange for an email. It’s a win-win situation, your customers get to express their views, and you get their email.

Blog Subscribers

Consistently create relevant blogs to get your audience hooked. Make sure your viewers subscribe to your newsletter, send them updates, monthly newsletters, and personalized recommendations.

Host Webinars

Conduct a webinar on the latest industrial topics, invite influential personalities and ask your audience to fill in a form. Webinars and workshops are some of the best ways to increase your email list.

How to improve open email rates:

The victory of your email marketing campaigns depends on your open rates, that is, the number of people that open your email. Here are a few email marketing tip to boost your open rates:

Avoid The Spam Label

Make sure your audience consented to your email marketing services, don’t use deceptive subject lines, teach your subscribers to whitelist your email & avoid sales language.

Timing Matters

According to Mailchimp, the best time to send is weekdays around 10:00 AM. Step into your audience’s shoes and imagine when they are most likely to check their email. Knowing your target audience inside out is the key to boosting your opening rate.

Personalize Your Subject Line

To boost your opening rate, you need to curate a catchy subject line. Come up with a subject line that will make your audience curious, use a fun opening line & know your audience, learn their language and use colloquial terms.

Email Markets Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do build your email list organically. Don’t buy an email list.
  2. To personalize your emails according to your target audience. Don’t generalize your emails.
  3. Do check through every element of your email; make sure it’s picture-perfect. Don’t send emails full of typos, broken links, and any other errors.
  4. Do monitor your bounce rates and accordingly plan your next campaign. Don’t ignore your email marketing reports.
  5. Do educate yourself about new trends and keywords of email marketing. Don’t opt for the traditional ways.

Last But not least point is that If you do Email Marketing for Your Business then you can hire any Digital Marketing Agency  like  CLICKITES is one of the best email marketing companies to Increase your reach efficiently.

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