How to Grow Business Online

Grow business online

One can grow business online with effective strategies. Expedition to success is shortened after detours like traditional approaches are subtracted from it but precisely outlined strategies are coming into action more than ever. If you are a business owner, you must have come across advice with revamping systems where the first step is creating a digital presence.  Desperately seeking guidance won’t work unless 3 fundamental gestures come into motion from your side.

  1. Observe the market trend
  2. Alter and transform your business accordingly
  3. Work hard on building a digital presence

 If you want to lure in traffic the best thing to follow is to dig in deep and try to bring out a Wow factor in your approach. Be consistent enough in whatever you do just to win the confidence of your audience. Everyone is watching you silently. Unless you do something extraordinary you are far from getting attention.

 While you have a lot on your to-do list, first have a look at the Dos. 

importance of e-commerce website
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1. E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce websites are designed to cater to clients and sellers at the same time, with all product information summarized chronologically along with purchase options and details.

Grow Business Online via website

  1.  Creating an authentic presence and awareness about your brand which is otherwise next to impossible in marketplaces.
  2.  Providing better customer experience with sophisticated designing and smart features
  3.  Documenting useful customer data like their preferences, buying habits, email, etc. which can be used in the future to rope in already satisfied customers into trying a fresh collection of products.
  4.  Recording your client’s online behavior regarding your business when surfing through your website. You can later argument sales with improvised suggestions for existing customers.
  5.  Maintaining a cordial relation with your customers through spontaneous marketing via email or text messages.
  6.  Creatively designing your business space with a coordinated color scheme and ornate designs, exclusively inserting sections for entertaining complaints, posting reviews, feedbacks, etc.

There is ‘n’ number of website development companies extending quality web development services because everyone is not skilled to generate flawless websites. It takes a lot of effort from chalking out codes, working on graphics to finalizing layouts to breathe life inside a website.

These are the things you need to incorporate in your website while designing a new website or hiring a website developer.

responsive website
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2. Responsive design

Currently, responsive designing is the principle of website creation. To simply define it means a modified website capable of resizing its entire look depending on the device in which it is viewed.

We can agree that being a part of a multiscreen crowd we don’t always sit with laptops/desktops to surf online. Most of us have our daily routine tangled around smartphones. Now, if you rule out the feature of responsive design it might cost you, potential customers retreating from your website dissatisfied.

A responsive website helps to eliminate useless manual readjustment, zoom-ins, and struggle of figuring out the basic idea behind the site which often gives headache to customers who in turn lose interest in the product. It can help you grow business online a lot.

Why is responsive design important?

  1. It makes sure the website along with its content, layout, graphics, and pictures adjust itself every time depending on the device it is viewed.
  2. It is cost-effective at the same time sparing you the trouble of designing separate websites for various devices.
  3. Make your site mobile-friendly.
  4. Responsive websites help in easy navigation through it.
  5. Improves the overall look of your website and casts a positive impression on your audience.
  6. User friendly therefore welcomes massive traffic.
  7. Elevating your existing position on the search engines with increased screen time of lucrative traffic.

Investing in responsive design is indeed a wise decision to accelerate search engine optimization, flexible management, user-friendliness, and customer experience.

3. HTML5

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language which is used to generate web pages by computer codes and connects two pages with hypertext. HTML 5 is the improvised version of HTML. Web developers around the globe need to learn these languages to compile a comprehensive website. It helps in creating a website with simple and recognizable codes. It allows brilliant graphics, layout, and designs some of which were easily accessible in the older version of HTML.

Why HTML 5 over HTML?

HTML 5 has many smart features and attributes making it different from other versions of Html. HTML 5 has the following features

  1. It is simple and secure with competitively shorter tags/syntax when compared to other versions.
  2. Debugging is way easier in HTM5. Debugging is the process of detecting errors in the code.
  3. HTML 5 has inbuilt security features which facilitate safer compilation making all the websites designed by this particular language safe.
  4. HTML 5 uses limited plugins to add functionality to web pages making the designs dynamic incorporating both audio and video features in a single web page reducing the loading time of the site simultaneously. Html 5 has separate attributes designed for this purpose.
  5. HTML 5 allows a designer to insert designs, animations, and graphics into web pages using a special tag. Web pages made in HTML 5 are user-friendly and are easily accessible through electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Simply saying, HTML 5 has made web pages easier for mobile support. HTML 5 is here to stay and is not going to run out of fashion as we may quote anytime soon.

4. WordPress development

WordPress is an open-source free content management system (CMS) What started as a CMS and a blogging platform now has transformed itself into an indispensable part of website development. WordPress is looked upon as an essential aspect while outlining the basic website creating mechanism. Though there are other CMS available in the market like Drupal, Wix here is the reason why many consider WordPress over these. It can help you grow business online a lot.

Why WordPress over other CMS?

  1. With its simplicity and user-friendliness, WordPress makes it easy for several people to log in to the website for content correction without any hassle. Updating data has never been easier. Gone are the days when IT officials were burdened with scrutinization and rearrangement of website content. WordPress makes it easier for users to log in anytime and make changes in the backend.
  2. WordPress provides many plugins for extraordinary user experience for Free. These plugins can be downloaded and inculcated on your website. It allows a myriad of facilities like optimization of metadata, form insertion (sign-up forms) and reduces the overall content loading time of the website and it can help you to grow busniess online too.
  3. WordPress is a secure platform offering frequent updates with modified features ready to be applied and experimented with for web developers. It has a way of conveniently notifying users for timely updates imploring installation.
  4. WordPress successfully aids in SEO optimization with plugins like H1 title, meta description meta titles, etc. It transcends web page optimization with easy to generate website audits. It favors webpages for crawler-based search engine search thus justifying the efforts behind the webpage and it can help you to grow busniess online too.

5. UI/UX

Simply saying, the user interface (UI) is the collection of screens, pages, and visual elements (like buttons and icons one finds inside a web page) that permits a user to communicate with the company about their products or services.

User experience (UX) is the inward experience of the same person as he/she interacts with every element of that company’s products and services.

Perks of using UI/UX for web development can be summed as up:

  1. Provides satisfying user experience,
  2. Increased the number of conversions
  3. Attracts potential buys /customers
  4. Takes the web page visitor into confidence for future negotiations
  5. Amplifies website reach with noticeable details

6. CSS

Stands for Cascading Style Sheets primary used for describing the presentation and expression of the document composed in markup language say Html. It is an integral part of web designing which provides a tight grip over the layout and presentation of the entire web documents segregating content from designing. Noteworthy perks of CSS include:

  1. Consistent design
  2. Diverse formatting alternatives
  3. Lightweight and compact code
  4. Increased accessibility
  5. SEO optimization benefits.

7. Content creation

Last but not least, content is the backbone of any website. What you write and how you present will be accountable for providing an overview of your business depending on which viewers will deduce whether to invest in it.

Packed content with highly searched keywords where the base idea is transparent without delayed conclusions will certify the accuracy and credibility of your product or business. This part could get a little tricky with confusing synonyms and little vocabulary. Hiring professional content writers over the speculated period could be the best option especially when your business depends on the taglines that are to be highlighted on the web pages.

A legit partnership with web development companies who seamlessly work to extend complete packages of website creation starting from designing, editing, coding to content creation at reasonable allowances can save you unproductive days and aid in making a fruitful connection in the digital industry at the same time.

8. Marketing

The process of developing customized content for each social media platform to boost engagement and promote your brand is known as social media marketing.” Social media marketing aims to engage with your audience or customers and assist them in better understanding your company.

We offer platform-specific marketing services & Social Media Marketing Services Packages to help you build your digital presence.

We combine data insights with a design that would transform your business. CK digital provides digital marketing services like engaging with your audience through relevant posts, interactive stories, compelling content, managing your DMs, responding to comments, and thus increasing engagement.

Our Services

  1. Email Marketing: A robust email marketing plan will help you reach your audience in the most personalized way possible and converts leads to your customers in the most affordable way possible.
  2. SEO: In this digital era, it is crucial to create a clear brand image with high visibility; our team will help you organically climb up the resulting ladder.
  3. Social Media Marketing: SMM will help you increase brand awareness, reach more potential customers and engage with your customers in the most direct way possible.
  4. Blogging: Blogging helps you deliver valuable content to your viewers, earn their trust and build brand awareness. It helps you to place yourself as an expert in the industry, and consistent blogging is a must for a small business.

Here’s How We Help You:

Step 1: We spend time understanding your business, deciding your niche & successfully coming up with strategies to build your social media presence to convert your audience into your clients.

Step 2: We post valuable & relevant content, create a profile that reflects your brand & responds to your customers on time.

Step 3: We use SEO-friendly keywords so your website would organically be on top!

Step 4: Our team will help you create a modern, relevant, engaging, and SEO-friendly website that will convert your viewers into your customers.

Suppose you’re looking for creative & fresh ways to leverage Social Media Marketing & build an online community. In that situation, Our social media marketing agency will assist you to realize your social media marketing goals.

Ever wondered when you search for something online, the first few links have “Ad” written on the side of the tab. Paid online advertising is one of the greatest and most reliable ways to boost your visibility and sell your products and services on the internet.

PPC stands for pay-per-click or cost-per-click, and it’s a term you’ve probably heard before. All of these terms pertain to online advertising that is paid to advertise. These are fee-based solutions that are used to boost the frequency of your website’s appearance on search engines and other high-traffic sites, as the name implies.

When using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others, the first few links that display at the top of the results page are frequently sponsored advertisements. In addition to search engines, high-traffic social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn also displays paid ads.

These companies that are mentioned which serve as a medium for the ads is termed as a publisher. Indeed, there is no shortage of publishers offering us a range of paid advertising plans to select from, ranging from basic DIY plans in which you have all control over your campaigns and management to fully managed plans in which the publisher handles all aspects for you.

Paid advertising can generate a lot of traffic right away but traffic doesn’t spell “success” unless the visitors become customers. That depends on the quality and responsiveness of your website. The landing page, which people see initially when they click your ad, must include appealing, compelling, focused, and relevant information, as well as simple access to the rest of your website.

Sure, paid does involve some investment and time but the returns are quite generous and can even get you, long-term devoted customers.

importance of paid ads
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Why choose Paid ads?

🡺Giving you the independence to set a budget that you are willing to spend.

🡺The performance and engagement of your ad campaign can be measured and maintained easily in real-time.

🡺Ability to track ads in real-time with demographics and data.

🡺Results are instantaneous and primarily because you pay for them.

🡺Your Business can get the audience to be global or local depending on your choice.

🡺to prioritize customers according to their recent searches thus enabling us to meet our targeted audience.

LinkedIn Google Facebook Snapchat
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LinkedIn ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs Google ads Vs Snapchat ads Which is the best?

There isn’t anything more outstanding. You can use any social media platform; it all depends on who is your target audience. For example, let’s say you’re a bakery owner who advertises on LinkedIn. Well, it does work occasionally, but if you post on Instagram or Facebook, where people hunt for similar advertisements, you can increase the number of people who visit your website.

That is why, before deciding which paid ads to use, it is critical to understand your clients and where to find them virtually.


Social media marketing, Website development, paid ads are not separate aspects of digital marketing; rather, they work in tandem and produce genuinely cosmic effects when combined with proper analysis.

This is where Clickites can assist you. With our many marketing services, exclusively designed website, and paid ad campaigns we can help you compete in this massive pool and get seen. So, what’s stopping you? With our services, you will give your company a boost. Get in touch for more details.

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